Eric Broers has been naming things since 1998. Let's name your next project together. His door is always open with free delivery all over the world.


Why is a name important?

Naming your next thing, whatever it is, is one of the most important steps you can take. It will be the first thing people will encounter when discovering your brand. When choosing a name for you, there is a lot to consider. I am happy to help.

  • Can you shout it in a crowded bar and be heard?
  • Will it look good on a t-shirt?
  • Does it speak to the unique personality of you and your project?
  • Will it be memorable?
  • Is anyone else using it?
  • Is this thing on?

How did you name Thud Pow?

Remember the fight scenes from the old Batman TV show with Adam West? Me too! I want to make an impact and fight crime.

How long will it take?

Most projects take about a week or so. I can work with most deadlines.

Who did the art, logo and design for the site?

Thanks for asking! This site is one of my designs. I also made the abstract paintings in ink on paper. The Thud Pow logo is inspired by one of my favorite fonts, Cooper Black. More information about my paintings can be found at hiericbro.com A great short documentary on Cooper Black can be found here